TV buying guide – types and models

Despite the external similarity, the different types and models of flat-panel TVs are so seriously different from each other that their optimal choice is a very difficult task. Some are better suited for watching terrestrial television, others as a monumental “monitor” for connecting computers, gaming consoles and media players, while others, in terms of their capabilities, may well give odds to some computers.

You should begin the selection of a flat-panel TV with determining the type of screen that best suits your needs. Today, manufacturers offer two main technologies, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Read More

Game News for iOS and Android

 Super Mario will return to the App Store with a new game

Fans of mustachioed Italian plumbing have long wondered why Nintendo company has not yet ported such a cult game as Mario Kart to iOS, because with a successful outcome of the events the product would have turned out to be much more enjoyable than the doubtful runner, released in 2016. And now the prayers of the fans were heard: funny races with the participation of an old friend already rushed into the App Store. Read More