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 Super Mario will return to the App Store with a new game

Fans of mustachioed Italian plumbing have long wondered why Nintendo company has not yet ported such a cult game as Mario Kart to iOS, because with a successful outcome of the events the product would have turned out to be much more enjoyable than the doubtful runner, released in 2016. And now the prayers of the fans were heard: funny races with the participation of an old friend already rushed into the App Store.

Immediately on the sad: in his official Twitter, the developer writes that the game will appear in the application store tentatively in March 2019. Thus, the agonizing expectation will have to last for a long 13 months.
Details about the novelty are still unknown, but if we look again at the release dates, we will not be surprised if it suddenly turns out that the development has not even begun yet. The only thing that is known for sure is the name of the game – Mario Kart Tour.

Let’s hope that this time in Nintendo will give up a strange approach to pricing, as it was in the Super Mario Run, and everyone can afford it. The company has 13 months to think it through.

The first iOS-project Nintendo turned into a fiasco


In 2016, the game monster Nintendo launched in the App Store its first application, called Miitomo. In it, you could create your avatar, which could visit your friends’ avatars. The idea from the very beginning seemed dubious to us, and it recently reached the very company Nintendo.

The company announced that since May 9 this year the product will be unavailable in the application store. While the world will celebrate another anniversary of the victory over fascism, fans of Japanese software products will be dejected.

At the same time, Nintendo reports that users currently can not buy premium Miitomo coins, although they will be able to receive bonuses every day on May 9 in the form of coins and stickers. These bonuses can be used to play in Miitomo Drop or for purchases in the Miitomo store. If this is true for you and you generally understand what is at issue, keep in mind.

By the way, we also do not particularly believe in the success of yet another mobile product from Nintendo – Super Mario Run. We offer to bet on the sweepstakes, when this toy will go into oblivion together with Miitomo.

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