How to choose computer speakers?

How to choose speakers for ordinary PC dwellers and for real music lovers, who by ear determine purity and sound level, love to listen to melodies. Acquaintance with the main criteria of columns, their characteristics and purpose. This article will help determine the right choice.

Criterias of choice

It all depends on what purpose you are buying speakers. To just play the sound in the computer, you will need to buy classic speakers 2.0. The sound quality is good, the price is acceptable. But not every man in the street can make such a simple audio system. In order to accurately understand the purposes for which the columns will be used, study their basic criteria and familiarize yourself with the basic functions.

What are the columns:

ComputerAudio-guide_AudioEngineFor traveling with a laptop, the best choice will be portable speakers (see how to choose portable speakers) that are connected via Bluetooth and have a powerful battery. They take up little space, do not require network connectivity. Although lose in sound quality.

For a home or office computer, 2.1 speakers are suitable, they cope with the transfer of any audio and video files, they don’t beat by ear when working on high tones.

For professional DJs, 2.1 acoustic format is the best choice.

For fans of movies and video games with special effects, speakers 5.1 will do.

For connoisseurs of surround sound, a home theater system will suit the computer in all respects.

Power speakers

The power and volume of the sound, which they can play, depends on the power of the speakers. In active speakers, power depends on the power of the built-in amplifier, in passive speakers it depends on the signal power of the transmitting device. It is measured in watts.

It is necessary to distinguish between nominal, maximum and peak power.

Rated power speakers – the power at which they will work normally and produce sound without distortion.

Maximum power is the power at which the speakers will also work, but the sound quality may deteriorate (the speakers will wheeze).

Peak power is such a maximum power that the system can withstand for a very short time and will not be damaged.

Basically for buyers indicate only the nominal power. It should be noted that now this figure is often overestimated, especially in cheap speakers. In this case, the indicated 20 watts by more than 12–15 W may not be pulled.

If you need small modern speakers for a computer or another player, for example, an Mp3 player – 10-15 watts will be enough power. If medium speakers are required in a standard room – the recommended total power of 40 watts. Well, for a powerful speaker system in the living room or gaming sound system, you can start with a power of 80-100 watts.

I read somewhere that the most powerful speakers have a power of 40,000 watts. I think from such a sound could break the glass in the windows.

Form factor speaker system

computerspeakersDepending on the type, number of speakers and sound channels, the speakers are divided into:

  • system 2.0. Such systems consist of two single or multiband speakers. This is the most initial type of stereo acoustics and, accordingly, the most common. For example, I have a computer connected to just such a system, which consists of two two-way speakers with a capacity of 20 watts each.
  • systems 2.1. This system includes two speakers and a subwoofer. Speakers are responsible for the output of high and medium frequencies, the subwoofer – for the output of low frequencies. Due to this frequency distribution, the sound becomes more voluminous and realistic. For computer 2.1 speakers can be recommended if you need good stereo sound, but you do not need a lot of speakers around you.
  • systems 5.1. The system 5.1 includes two frontal, two rear and one central speakers (satellites), as well as a subwoofer. This is a standard set for home theater. Due to such a number of speakers, it is possible to achieve a high degree of distribution of sounds, which, in turn, helps to get a very realistic stereo effect. Columns 5.1 for computer also allow you to use it as a micro-cinema. The distance between the speakers can be quite different, but you should stick to the recommended placement, that is, put the front speakers satellite in front of the listener, and the rear behind.
  • systems 7.1. – differ from systems 5.1 in that they have two additional rear speakers, which give even greater realism. Speakers 7.1 is a new generation of speaker systems.

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