How to Choose the Right Smart Home Hub

A smart house is a house that has devices that are connected to each other and can be controlled from a central place, often by a single device like a mobile phone. Most people ask themselves: DO I NEED A SMART HOUSE HUB? The answer is yes. The smart home hub is what controls all smart devices of the home this includes the light, thermostat, the fireplace, and even the audio system. It is like the heart of the smart house for it directs signals from all the devices so that it is controlled from a central gadget such as a mobile phone or remote control. It also acts as a translator between the smart devices and Wi-Fi connections and other networks.

Ecosystem and Support for Other Devices


As you choose the right home hub it is good to consider the smart home ecosystem. The houses ecosystem consist of smart appliances, the internet, and storage services. You need to choose an ecosystem that is easy and efficient and that controls, supports and unifies the entire smart home. A good example of this is the Amazon Alexa, which listens to your voice commands and helps you control different aspects of your smart house.

Home Automation Features

The best hub for smart home should have automation features that help you synchronize all the devices that are found in your house and control them from a single point, even when you are not at home. These features help you control everything from your hub instead of having different apps that do that. The good automated hubs include Wink Hu 2, which connects well with your internet connection, is easy to set up and it works very well with Amazon Alexa voice command.

Local versus Cloud Control

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As you shop for smart hubs you should consider whether they are controlled locally or through the cloud. Many people prefer devices that are cloud controlled for this enables each device to upload and process data in the cloud, thus creating more space in the devices. Cloud can also handle complex processing better than most apps but the disadvantage come in where they cannot guarantee the safety system from hackers and when the internet is lost for you have no control over the smart house. On the other hand, a hub that is locally controlled does not need an internet connection, making them still effective when the internet is lost. A good example is the Hubitat which can operate offline.


A smart home hub is an essential part of every house because it enables all the smart devices to work in harmony while being controlled from a central place. One can say that this device is the most important aspect of the home. That is why choosing which model to use for your home is an important decision that in most cases may need you to consult or research on.

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