The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2019

The robot vacuum cleaner is an appliance with artificial intelligence and designed to clean various surfaces from contamination. On sale such devices are not too long.

iRobot Roomba 980 – the best robot vacuum cleaner


The American campaign, which specializes in robots of various designs, deserves 1 ranking place. Recently, they switched to the production of home cleaning robots. The manufacturer understands that it is necessary for every hostess, and the experience of designing such gadgets plays a role. Robot Vacuum Cleaner irobot has all the necessary sensors plus a camera. The construction of the map occurs every time after a power outage, that is, a lost charge.

The robot has a side brush (on the right side), as it is programmed to rotate to the objects at the right angle. The work time is 2 hours, if the planned cleaning is not finished, he gets up at the base, and after – continues cleaning.

According to buyers and tests, the vacuum cleaner copes with scraps of paper, pieces of matter and other small debris. Strange, but true: the vacuum cleaner is cleaned much more qualitatively, if you dim the lighting in the house, so the pollution sensors work better!

  • Dry cleaning method
  • 3300 mAh battery capacity
  • The presence of side brushes – is (right)
  • Noise – 63 dB

Additionally: cleaning zone limiter – virtual wall, fine filter, optical height difference sensors, carpet cleaning technology Carpet Boost, wheels are rubberized, springs, timer, programming, building a map of the room, control from a smartphone, access to a number of indicators through the application.

Finishing to consider robots vacuum cleaners, reviews, the best among which is Rumba, we note that it also has disadvantages. The disadvantage is the lack of wet cleaning and high cost. Also note that there is no UV lamp for floor disinfection.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This model has been ranked among the best robot vacuum cleaners, thanks in large part to a reliable battery – it is able to work offline for a long time. The robot looks beautiful, the body is made of white matte plastic, there are several bright inserts. The base is made in the same spirit. The vacuum cleaner is able to work up to 2.5 hours autonomously.

Customer reviews suggest that this robot is removed perfectly. He has a laser range finder that allows him to detect an obstacle at a distance of about 6 meters. The robot makes a map of the room, avoiding collisions with pieces of furniture or walls. If desired, it can be corrected manually. There is an official mobile application that allows you to control the cleaning process.


  • Duration of work from one charge;
  • Good orientation system in space;
  • High quality cleaning;
  • You can manage with a mobile application.


  • The mobile application is not well thought out;
  • The application is not Russified, due to which it is difficult to understand it;
  • Included is not too much additional equipment, which makes cleaning difficult.



ECOVACS DEEBOT DM81 ProA distinctive feature of this robot cleaner from previous participants is that it has height difference sensors and will not fall down the stairs when approaching it. You can also choose the mode along the obstacles or randomly, the mode in a circle.


a large dust collector, capacious battery, fairly quiet operation, control from a smartphone, wet cleaning. It works without recharging for almost 2 hours, this is enough for 2-3 cleaning a two-room apartment.

According to reviews, the device is noisy within the normal range and does not irritate the ear. I am glad that you can adjust the cleaning on days of the week, and after discharge, he becomes the base. On the question, “which robot vacuum cleaner is the best?”

Reviews give a comprehensive answer. They write that the vacuum cleaner pulls well and sucks up even small grains, for example, scattered rice or other cereals, and also copes with animal hair and hair without any problems.

Well, large debris is better to remove from the reach of a vacuum cleaner, otherwise it can choke and have to be repaired immediately. Quickly recognizes the threshold height of 1 cm, climbs on it and continues to clean.

  • Cleaning method: dry and wet
  • Absorption power – 40 W
  • 3000 mAh battery capacity
  • Having side brushes – there is
  • Dust collector of 570 ml
  • Noise – 57 dB

Additionally: safety on the stairs, the trajectory of the movement SMART MOTION – randomly and around the perimeter, remote control and control of the smartphone, cleaning on schedule, timer, HEPA filter

The best robot vacuum cleaner has some drawbacks. Among the shortcomings, buyers noted the absence of a special cleaning fluid in the kit, as well as some difficulties with wet cleaning. Such reviews unit, but still … they write that the water is supplied to the rag through time, sometimes the robot can spend time, and the rag at the same time remains dry.

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